PNC announces improved results
Feb 13, 2024

Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd (PNC) announced its Q3 results today after its board meeting.

The trend of improved performance continues. Q3 income is Rs 718.791akh, a 136.30% rise from last year's Q3. Income for the year till date is Rs 2937.70 lakh, a growth of 62.91 % over last year's first three quarters.

Profit in Q3 is Rs 46.911akh as against a loss of Rs 25.69 lakh in Q3 last year. Profit for the year till date is Rs 117.56 lakh as against a loss of Rs 223.56 lakh for the first nine months of last year.

The International Emmy nominated production house has completed the filming of a campus drama series this year for a leading international streaming platform. While that is being readied in post, a new romantic comedy series is being filmed for another leading international streaming platform.